GREEN AND SOLAR AFRICA LLC is a company focused on agriculture and alternative energy applications. It is a company formed to operate in the United States and West Africa. Green and Solar Africa LLC (GSA) is a sustainable company. A sustainable company is a commercial organization concerned about the health and well being of our planet. GSA will focus on issues relating to agriculture and energy supplies.


AGRICULTURE: GSA will be involved in educating small African farmers on how to get more from their land. The use of small land areas to produce enough food to feed thousands of people is the agricultural aim of our company. The company will also sell earth preserving fertilizers to small African farmers who have seen their crop productions reduced to more than half of what they used to produce just a few years ago.


SOLAR AND ALTERNATIVE ENERGY PRODUCTS: GSA will operate in this area both in the USA and AFRICA. Our major focus is helping the average person reduce his or her dependency on traditional electricity production and consumption through companies and entities like the Pacific Gas and Electric (PG&E) and the Nigerian Electric Power Authority (NEPA).




(A) We will begin by selling some solar application products to people in the USA. These products are small application products to help the average US resident to reduce their electricity consumption and thereby reducing their monthly bills and creating a green and clean environment. These products are easily installed for a minimal fee and can last the average consumer for over twenty years.


(B) GSA is poised to create the first Solar Energy Community in the Republic of Benin and in all of Africa by the end of 2015.  The goal of this solar energy community is to build and sell 50 single family homes in the community of Dassa, in the Republic of Benin.  The homes will run solely on solar energy and alternative energy products.  Our ultimate goal is to use this solar energy community as an example and create a model to be duplicated anywhere in the world.  The community will be self sustained with a hospital, a full scale shopping center, a restaurant, a bank, a public library, a gas (petrol) station and a few apartments for rent.


(C) GSA will also, in the first three years, sell some solar energy small application products to consumers in West Africa. These small application solar products includes: solar key chains with lights, solar flash lights, and a three combination product of Radio-flash-cell phone charger units.