Green and Solar Africa LLC is a company formed to bring alternative energy products primarily to Africa as well as America. Not only is Green and Solar Africa LLC positioned to succeed economically, but it will bring the benefits of green economy and green technology to an area of the world that desperately needs it. There is a desperate need in Africa for affordable and reliable sources of energy as well as energy products that do not destroy the environment. Green and Solar Africa LLC (GSA LLC) will offer a variety of affordable energy products that will improve the environmental quality of the areas where they are sold. The company is headed by American citizen who grew up in Africa and is very familiar with the needs and desires of the African populace. No other company as far as we know is targeting Africa with affordable clean energy products. The appeal of our products along with their price position GSA LLC to succeed in its central goals. The products of GSA LLC are ready for market and prepared to transform the continent.


Green and Solar Africa LLC is solving a couple of business challenges through its products; reliable sources of energy that are clean and affordable. In Africa, there is a great need for products that provide reliable sources of energy so that everyday tasks can be performed. Even if one is able to find sources of energy in Africa, they often come at a hefty price and are usually bad for the environment.


Currently there are no products on the market in Africa that provide reliable sources of energy that are clean, safe, and affordable. The consumers in Africa are not very concerned about the environmentally harmful energy products they buy; cost and availability are the two biggest factors. GSA LLC's products will provide a solution to these issues by first being affordable, and also providing reliable and clean source of energy.


GSA LLC's products are a solution to the problems of cost and availability of clean energy products in Africa. From products as small as solar flashlights to as large as solar streetlights, GSA LLC is well-positioned to transform the African market. GSA LLC will bring dramatic and long-needed change to Africa when it comes to energy and the environment.


The issue of cost is first and foremost in the African consumer's mind. Our company's product line is affordably priced so that the average African consumer will be able to buy them. The affordability of GSA LLC's products will put the company in the minds of consumers, and the availability and attractiveness of the product line will compel the consumer to continue using them.


By any fair measure one could use, GSA LLC's products have a high value for the market. If one measures the products in terms of affordability, they hold up well against other similar products. When it comes to availability, there will be no shortage of GSA LLC's products and they will be pretty easy to supply. In terms of the environmental impact of GSA's products, the solar nature of the products makes them desirable and valuable. Since these products will be popular, GSA LLC has taken the necessary steps to protect the intellectual property of the products.


GSA will be targeting America and Africa. Both markets will be attractive because of the need for alternative energy products in both markets. The market in Africa has great potential because of the tremendous need for clean energy products at an affordable price. GSA will be a strong competitor in all markets because our products will be affordable and good for the environment. GSA also has a variety of products of all kinds and all prices for consumers. Our CEO is an African native and kept close ties so he has a good feel for the needs of the market there. GSA wants to target Africa and America because of the need for clean energy in the world. GSA is targeting Africa because of the tremendous opportunity for growth and a long-term goal of creating solar energy communities that can be duplicated throughout the continent. GSA's products are priced to be reasonable to the consumer and turn a profit after factoring in manufacturing, transport, and personnel costs per sale. Displays of GSA's products to consumers in both markets validate the belief that these products will do well.


A big advantage for GSA is that there is no competition for the products they are offering in Africa, and very little competition in America. This will allow GSA the opportunity to build trust through providing quality services and grow in its size, reach, and operation. While there are other groups that sell solar products, GSA is set up to target and serve the needs of Africans and all consumers looking for affordable clean energy products! As a result, there is no real competition for the GSA and its prospects for growth are tremendous.


GSA has a pricing model that will build capital for the company over the years. GSA needs capital for the initial launch of its products to get its operations off the ground. GSA is not only looking to make money from selling products, but has a long term goal of creating its own solar communities and manufacturing base in Africa. In the meantime the products will be manufactured and shipped from China at a cost that will allow GSA to gain consistent profits from its products. Our projection is a net profit of almost one million dollars each operating year. This profit projection is based on our company's ability to raise $1,800,000.00 each year in the first three start-up years.


GSA has a solid team that understands the needs of the African market it is targeting and has the skills to realize GSA's long-term goals. The owner-manager, Dr. Emmanuel Akognon, has a passion for Africa and has extensive knowledge of the preferences and needs of the population. He has already headed the construction of a hospital facility in Africa and distributed medical supplies in the Republic of Benin and Nigeria. GSA Alliance also has a Stanford Law School-trained lawyer and a high-level employee from an established startup company that will provide guidance and support to keep GSA on the right track. GSA enjoys the participation on the leadership team, an African born electrical engineer with specialties in solar energy who also has an MBA degree from American Intercontinental University. Our team connection is also very solid in Africa.


GSA is well positioned to make a real impact in the lives of Africans and Americans seeking affordable clean energy products. By making a modest contribution to the group, you will aid GSA in its goal of promoting a cleaner planet through its products. You also have tremendous potential for making profit from your investment in GSA.


Although there are other groups involved in solar energy, the consumers targeted by GSA are not being adequately served. By supporting Green and Solar Africa LLC, you are bringing the alternative energy movement worldwide to the common man.