Investing in Green & Solar Africa


We are looking for investors who care about the environment and care about Africa.  You may begin investing in GSA with any amount you are willing to comfortably invest into this startup company.  There are 200,000,000 stakes available for purchase, with each stake currently priced at $1 USD. No amount is too small.  There is great potential for a sizeable return on your investment.


By purchasing stakes in GSA, you quickly become part of a company which already owns 25 acres of land ready for development.  Furthermore, development plans for a solar community have been drafted and finalized, with construction scheduled to begin in 2014.

Financial & Interest Statement


All those investing in the startup years of GSA LLC will have the first chance to benefit from the profitability of the company.


All startup years’ investors will be given a distribution of at least 5% interest on their startup year investments. Any profit made by GSA will be distributed first by paying initial investors at least 5% of their investments. This person is still qualified to receive a proportionate distribution on additional company profits. Startup years’ total contribution from members will be taken out of the company’s total assets in order to determine what actual profit GSA made in the startup years. At the end of the startup years, members (investors) will determine the value of stakes in the company.


It is assumed that members (investors) would keep their money in the company and those investments will be converted into company stakes.


Investors wanting to sell their portion agree to give the company a chance to sell the stakes accredited to them to members who are already investors in GSA LLC.


Company financial statements are prepared by a CPA firm but not in the form of an audit.  This company will not issue audited statements until it is financially feasible to do so.  Members may, however, contribute to a fund to help conduct an audited statement of the company.  Most audits cost anywhere from $5,000 to $10,000 USD.


The decision to order an audited statement must be put in writing by all members willing to contribute to the “Audited Statement of Account”.