Crank Dynamo radio with Flashlight and Mobile Phone Charger

  1. Dynamo flashlight 
  2. No batteries needed 
  3. FM radio 
  4. 3pcs white LED lights providing superior illumination 
  5. Mobile phone charging facility 
  6. Recharged by cranking 
  7. Logo printing service available 
  8. Various color available 

Solar Flashlight Radio

  1. Full of very useful features makes it suitable for camping,travel,outdoor activities,etc
  2. Can charge your mobile phone and digital products by solar power
  3. Four hight brightness LED lights with life more than 10,000 hours
  4. Sensitive FM radio
  5. Mobile phone adapters for the most popular models

Hand-Winding Charge Solar Flashlight Radio

  1. Fashionable and unique design, Useful, Essential goods for family life and traveling
  2. Adopt mechanical device and solar panel to generate electricity with preciseconstruction and high working efficiency, Battery-less,green environmental protection
  3. Use 7PCS super bright LEDS as the light source,no need to change the lamps
  4. AM\FM radio,with clear loud speaker
  5. Can charge Samsung, Siemens,Ericsson, Nokia,Motorala or other mobile phones
  6. After fully charged, the flashlight ca work 6-8 hours continuously,hand winded for one mint, it can work over 10 minutes
  7. 4 functions in 1, of emergent lighting,cellphone charging, alarm and radio

Hand Crank Dynamo Flashlight With Radio

  1. FM radio
  2. Cellphone charger
  3. Crank dynamo & solar
  4. 3 LED lamps
  5. Blink & siren
  6. DC dynamo Product size :19*9*9

Solar Keychains


Solar Powered Wind Turbines

Solar Flashlights

Solar Power Home Units

Load Reference

Name of Load Power(W) Quantity Working time per Day (H)
Color TV 65W 65W 6
Satellite TV Recievers 25W 25W 6
LCD Computer 100W 100W 3
Energy-saving Lamp 11W 11W 6
Printer 30W 30W 2
Electrograph 150W 150W 2
Water Pump 200W 200W 3
Refrigerator 100W 100W 24
Washing Machine 300W 300W 1

Load Reference

Name of Load Power (W) Quantity Working time per Day (H)
Color TV 65W 1 4
Satellite TV Receivers 25W 1 4
Lamp 11W 2 2
Powers 5W & 11W Energy Saving Lamp for 12 hours.
*There are many more units with larger capacities than the ones shown here.

Solar Fans

Solar Street Lights

Solar Lanterns

General Description

The Solar Lantern developed by SunVis Solar has been designed as a low-cost alternative to solar home systems. Sunshine falling onto a photovoltaic panel charges the lantern battery so that the lamp can provide light at night. It is ideal for any application where there is no local connection to grid electricity. It also has important applications where there is inconsistent or unreliable supply.

This lantern is targeted at those households who currently use kerosene or candles and would like to upgrade to a more efficient form of lighting, but for whom a stand-alone solar home system is too expensive.


Remote home, Emergency light, Roadside vendors / hawkers, Campers hut light, Night schools, Night patrolling, Forest Check Post